Moving Pictures

By Deedy • • 18 Aug 2014


Woo Hoo! Our illustrator/animator Shayne Hood has made some moving pictures of the four of us Izzies whose books are finished, so you can see us in action.



Here I am thanking Owen and Alex, the two little boys who successfully sent me home after I was actually packed inside a present and delivered to their living room by S.C. (That’s what we Izzies sometimes call our boss, Santa Claus.)





Here I am holding one of the snow globes I made. Can you see the model of the North Pole inside it? The reason I look so sad is that I’m worried about Tizzy.  No one has seen him all morning, and it’s Christmas Day. Will he miss the Elf Celebration tonight?

♡♡♡ Blizzy



This is what I look like when viewed through the lens of my Elfascope, one of my many inventions. Fizzy and I specialize in “toys that surprise”, and I think it’s pretty surprising to see so many of me! Lately, however, I’ve starting making electronic gadgets. They can be surprising, too!

xxx Dizzy




Here I am working out in the Elfgym, and talking with my friend, Dizzy.  We are trying to figure out something I can do to cure my S.A.D. (That’s Seasonal Affection Distress, in case you’re wondering.) It’s all about how very sad I feel every single Christmas when Santa takes away the dolls I beautify so he can deliver them to children.

♥♥♥ Frizzy


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