Answers to Kindle Pop Ups

By Deedy • • 7 Sep 2014

Spoiler Alert!

The following Q & A reveals
what happens in all the stories!


Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf

Q. What did Alex and Owen’s parents tell them about getting up on Christmas morning?

A. The boys were supposed to stay in bed until the sun and their  parents were up!


Q.  How did Tizzy end up inside the bookcase?

A.  He was packed inside by a “gung-ho, go-getter elf” (probably  Whizzy).


Q. Where did the Izzy Elves get their names?

A. Santa named them all.


Q. What are the “curtains of color” that the Izzy Elves call fireworks?

A. They are the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).


Q. Why doesn’t the train send Tizzy home?

A. Because it runs on electricity, not on the imaginations of       children.


Q. What does Tizzy mean when he says the video game reaches “eyes and ears but not much in between?”

A. It doesn’t reach kids’ brains.


Q. What is wrong with the picture the boys see in the red book?

A. There are only seven elves in it (and they all look very sad).


Q. What do Owen and Alex do with the book to try and send Tizzy home?

A.They concentrate very hard on reading it.


Q. Why do Alex and Owen run upstairs when they hear their parents’ footsteps?

A. They don’t want to get into trouble for coming downstairs before they were supposed to on Christmas morning.


Q. Why are Owen and Alex so worried when their parents throw wrapping paper and packing fluff into the fire?

A. They are afraid that Tizzy might have been thrown into the fire along with the wrapping paper and packing fluff.


Q. How do Owen and Alex know that Tizzy is back home at the North Pole?

A. They see him in the picture with the other elves, making a V with his fingers and winking at them.


Blizzy, the Worrywart Elf

Q. What is Blizzy’s job?

A. She makes snow globes.


Q. What does Santa Claus do with the cookies that children leave for him that he is too full to eat?

A. He brings them home in his sleigh for the Izzies to feast on at their Elf Celebration.


Q. What does the North Pole look like?

A. A giant candy cane.


Q. Why does Dizzy call Blizzy a “worrywart?”

A. He thinks Tizzy is just taking time off and there is nothing to worry about. (Even though he noticed that Tizzy didn’t sleep in his bed the night before.)


Q. Why is Frizzy so sad?

A. She misses her dollies.


Q. What favorite thing does Fizzy tell Blizzy that Tizzy missed on Christmas Eve?

A. He missed the Christmas Songsing.


Q. What does Tizzy’s mysterious absence remind Quizzy of?

A. A missing puzzle piece.


Q. Why does Bizzy’s Elfascan show that Tizzy is “NOWHERE?”

A. Because he is not anywhere in the Izzy Section of the North Pole.


Q. What does Blizzy figure out has happened to Tizzy?

A. Whizzy packed him inside a bookcase that was sent to Alex and Owen.


Q. When does Santa Claus finally realize that Tizzy is missing?

A. When he does the roll call and Tizzy doesn’t answer.


Q. What is on the other end of the fishing pole that Dizzy is holding?

A. Mistletoe


Q. Why does Tizzy turn “Santa Suit Red?”

A. He is embarrassed when Blizzy gives him a kiss in front of all the other Izzies and Santa.


Q. Who are the two friends that Tizzy is thanking?

A. Alex and Owen, of course, because they figured out how to send him back home.


Q. What are the “curtains of color” that the Izzy Elves call fireworks?

A. They are the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).


Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf

Q. Why can’t Stuart and Drake go to sleep?

A. They are too excited to sleep because it is Christmas Eve.


Q. Why is Dizzy jealous of Tizzy?

A. He wants to have an adventure, too.


Q. What does Dizzy do when the Izzy Elves gather for Santa’s Sendoff?

A. He sneaks into Santa’s sleigh.


Q. Does Dizzy enjoy his ride in Santa’s sleigh?

A. No, he feels dizzy and sick and gets bruised from the bumpy ride.


Q. Why doesn’t Dizzy help Santa make the “Virtual Reins” work?

A. Because he doesn’t want Santa to know he has stowed away on the sleigh.


Q. What sound does Dizzy hear coming up through the chimney?

A. He hears a loud crash.


Q. How do Stuart and Drake know that Dizzy is not just a nightmare?

A. Because they BOTH see him.


Q. What does Dizzy say will happen if Drake and Stuart go downstairs to peek at Santa?

A. Santa won’t leave them any toys.


Q. Why does Dizzy climb into the sleigh with the boys?

A. He is worried about what they will do.


Q. How does Stuart get the sleigh back to his rooftop safely?

A. He programs the “Virtual Reins” by putting in his address.


Q. How does Dizzy learn that Santa knows he has stowed away?

A. Santa asks Dizzy to come sit by him and program the “Virtual Reins”.


Q. How does Santa surprise Stuart and Drake?

A. He says “Happy Christmas” to them as he drives out of sight.



Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf

Q. Why does Frizzy look so sad?

A. She misses the dollies that she made look beautiful and Santa has taken away to deliver to children.


Q. What does Dizzy suggest Frizzy make?

A. He says she should make building blocks, as they are pretty boring until held in a clever child’s hand, so she won’t miss them after they’re gone.


Q. What does Frizzy decide to do?

A. She decides to ask Santa if she can make toy monster trucks.


Q. Why does Santa think it is strange that Frizzy wants to make monster trucks?

A. He knows that she loves to make things beautiful, and monster trucks are not beautiful. (She thinks they are “yuck”.)


Q. Why does Santa want to put pictures of Frizzy’s toy monster trucks on the internet?

A. He’s heard that children post which toys they want on internet wishlists and he thinks this will help him to plan toy production.


Q. How many monster trucks are Frizzy and Dizzy testing in this picture?

A. Fifteen are visible, but there might be more inside the tunnels!

Q. How can you tell that this “madeover elf” is Quizzy?

A. She is wearing her tunic that has her ? symbol on it, and her Q glasses and hat are on the floor beside her.


Q. Why does Whizzy think the new hairdo will make him slower?

A. He thinks that having his hair stream out behind made him faster, and that shorter, slicked down hair will not do this.


Q. Why are the Izzy Elves too upset to do their work?

A. They are upset because they need to look like themselves, and Frizzy has made them all look so different.


Q. What color is Frizzy painting the “lips” on the monster truck?

A. She is painting them Santa Suit Red. (This is a color that appears in all the Izzy Elf stories.) Do you know what the other two colors are?


Q. Do boys like Frizzy’s “beautified” trucks?

A. They don’t like them AT ALL!


Q. Why does Frizzy look so happy in this picture?

A. She is delighted to learn that girls love her toy “monstress” trucks.

Q. How does Santa make sure Frizzy will not be an S.A.D. Elf?.

A.  He lets her (and each of the other Izzies) pick out a favorite toy to keep.