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Those in the know have said wonderful stuff
About our adventures: they can’t say enough!



A High Standard of Language Use and Positive Messages

Your books are great fun to read to children. Your family of adorable elves teaches a high standard of language use and positive messages, making the experience very worthwhile and one a child will enjoy over and over. I look forward to future publications of your elf stories to read to the children in our family. Thank you for writing these charming stories. – LinkedIn Recommendation


Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf: Santa’s Izzy Elves #4



Highly Original and Wonderfully Developed Children’s Book

“This is a highly original and wonderfully developed children’s book that is sure to be a big hit around the holidays. Including elements that will appeal to young girls and boys alike, Jensen’s narrative rhymes the whole way through, creating a plot the paces itself while creating playful sentences that move it along. The rhymes do not seem forced and fit into the story perfectly. The illustrations are also a highlight, as the large full color images are superbly done, with depth and details that lets us see Frizzy and her other elf friends displayed upon the page. By coming up with a creative and engaging story, Jensen has succeeded at crafting a memorable Christmas story for children that is so good it’s possible it will be enjoyed year round.” ★★★★★ – Red City Review  (Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf is a finalist, in the Young Adult/Children’s category, in the first ever Red City Review Book Award competition.)

Fun Holiday Book with a Great Message

The book is a fun mix of both traditional and contemporary holiday charm! Frizzy is one of Santa’s elves and she loves making dolls. However, she’s always sad when Santa takes the dolls to deliver them to the children. So Frizzy talks with her friend Dizzy and decides that she must find a new toy to make – one that she won’t miss when Santa delivers them on Christmas Eve.

It’s a fun twist to see what Frizzy decides to do and also the outcome of her new toy-making adventures. The author includes some very up-to-date and funny references to technology throughout the book which the kids thought was great! I like the problem-solving aspect of the story and how Frizzy approaches her dilemma (and also how Santa and her friends help out along the way).The story is actually written in verse and mimics the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. I wasn’t sure I would like this when we first got the book but it works really nicely with the story! My 10 year old and I read this book together so it was great to get into the rhythm of the poem as we read. And I also like the connection of old and new (old being the link to the original Christmas story and new being the fun introduction of technology throughout the book).  – Jacqueline Fisher,


Future Classic

I wish this future classic had been around when I was a child. I smiled the entire time I was reading it. The characters are lovable and easy to relate to. The rhyme format is fun and will lead to memory skills. There are a few words that may be just past the reading level, which is perfect. These will encourage children to not only learn new words – but to gain the skills to discover how to learn what new words mean. I would recommend every parent, grandparent and teacher to add this to their collection. You do NOT need to have children in your life to enjoy this sweet read tho! ★★★★★ – Sylvia, Goodreads Reviewer


Just Adored This Book

This is an amazingly cute story with a LOT of things for children to learn…This is such a complex story but is written for little children and even though they may not realize it at the time, reading this will help them deal with their own problems…The illustrations in the book are just lovely – they remind me of chalk drawings with a little bit of watercolor, and they are SO detailed down to the cracks in the wooden chairs. But they are also whimsical and really tell the story through pictures. I just adored this book and I hope you will pick it up and try it as well. ★★★★★ Erika Messer, Goodreads Reviewer


A Delightful Story

A delightful story that touches on the issue of loss and how one little elf does her very best to tackle it. The rhyme was fun, and the illustrations were lovely. I believe this will appeal to the older end of the picture books spectrum, (ages 5-8,) as the kids journey with Frizzy along her path to regain her happiness.  ★★★★ – Julie Grasso, Goodreads Reviewer



Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf: Santa’s Izzy Elves #3


Dizzy Cover SMA

Appealing Energy and Colorful Verbal Imagery

A little elf’s clandestine adventure as a stowaway on Santa’s sleigh takes an unexpected turn in an engaging contemporary spin on the classic 19th-century poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas”…appealing energy and colorful verbal imagery…The author propels her present-day take on the classic Christmas poem with gentle humor and suspense, smoothly incorporating lines from the original poem into her lively tale about a stowaway elf. –Kirkus Reviews

The Best Santa’s Izzy Elves Book Yet!

If you haven’t read this series, you are missing out! The Izzy Elves are awesome, and the Dizzy story is really our family favorite so far. These books are rich in plot and language, reflect the lives and loves of kids today, and keep the fun and anticipation and magic of Christmas alive and going. While I do love the classics at Christmas time, I have to say, my kids prefer these! A great gift for yourself or others. ★★★★★ –Amazon Reviewer

Adorable Book

This is an adorable book for your kids to read. Ours just loved it. ★★★★★
–Goodreads Reviewer

A Charming Page-turner!

Dorothea Jensen has once again hit just the right notes for both kids and adults in her third elfin adventure. This bedtime story’s couplets move fast and have all the best elements — naughtiness, daring…and Santa Claus! ★★★★★ –Amazon Reviewer

A Really Good Book For Children

I love the story and especially the artwork in this book. A great read for my children for the upcoming Holiday! ★★★★★ –Amazon Reviewer

All of her Books are Great

Great book …my 7 year old picked it up and read it cover to cover and he hates reading. If you have kids I would say get it….all of her books are great. ★★★★★
–Goodreads Reviewer

[Younger Kids]. . .Will Like the Bright Pictures and Rhythm of the Story

This is a cute, different Christmas book about an elf who hides on Santa’s sleigh to have an adventure. It follows the rhythm of “The Night Before Christmas” so it is fun to read. Between the word count and some of the difficult words (to keep the rhythm and rhyme), the story may be better suited to middle elementary aged kids. If you have younger kids, they will like the bright pictures and rhythm of the story. ★★★★ –Goodreads Reviewer


Blizzy, the Worrywart Elf: Santa’s Izzy Elves #2



Amazing work by Ms. Jensen

…my 3 year old daughter wanted me to read it right away. She was so excited. It was a really cute story. I loved how the story was written in rhyme. Amazing work by Ms. Jensen. I was very impressed. I was also impressed that my daughter sat through the whole reading because it was pretty long. And at times it was difficult for me to read aloud because I’m not used to reading poetry aloud so I stumbled a bit over the flow of the words but that’s just me Now I have to go out and get the other stories about the other elves because it’s that cute. ★★★★ –Goodreads Reviewer

(Author’s comment: I wrote these stories for elementary school-aged kids. I’m delighted to hear that precocious pre-school kids can enjoy them as well!)

Such a Cute Book!

…I am saving [this story] for my 6 year old for Christmas, but I read it as soon as it came and it is such a cute book! He is going to love the story and the illustrations are cute. I’m going to have to buy the other books too! ★★★★
–Goodreads Reviewer

Just Loved It!

What a great story, particularly for young kids that are developing friendships and beginning to explore what it means to be a friend and care about a friend. Lots of Izzy Elves mystery and adventure as in the first book, and this one takes the character development to another level! You can’t go wrong with this series.
★★★★★ – Amazon Reviewer

Elfin Mystery Story for Christmas

Dorothea Jensen’s North Pole elves tend to be spunky and to get into jams. Here a girl elf gets worried about her missing boyfriend — elfbeau? — and does some successful detective work, introducing us along the way to the inner workings of Santa’s establishment. Any kid would love this poetic bedtime story. ★★★★★
– Amazon Reviewer

Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf: Santa’s Izzy Elves #1




Home For The Holidays Has A Whole New Meaning

This children’s book has it all! Amazing pictures, a rhyming story line to grab a child’s attention, and the magic of everything children love about Christmas…sprinkled with enough realism and fantasy that it will be a family favorite during the holidays for many years to come. It’s not only the children who love this book…Grandparents who share this story will become one of the best memories of childhood Christmas. An engaging 5 Stars!! – Amazon Reviewer


A Clever Holiday Read-aloud Story

…a lovely rhyming book begging to be read aloud in the tradition of the classic poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas”, more commonly known as “Twas The Night Before Christmas” penned by Clement Clarke Moore…a clever holiday read-aloud story…


Fantastic Book that Respects Kids’ Intelligence!

Respect. It’s often a rare thing to find in children’s books. I’m not trying to say that children are mini-adults and should be treated as such, but I do love finding books that give dramatic, content-rich stories with words, pictures, and plot lines that reflect the full depth of a child’s imagination. This book is fun to read – a big deal for the parent doing the reading – and adds some extra magic to the Christmas concepts of elves, Santa, toys, and tinsel – while setting all of it in the modern day! I love how the books reflect the world of our kids, and all the technology they have to learn and master for the next generation of learning and jobs, while still keeping the mystery and joy of Christmas alive. It’s a masterful blend of reality and fantasy, and done in a way that will make kids feel the book is written especially for them! I saw one reader posted a review of the book saying it didn’t have pictures – but my version certainly does. They are great. A good buy, and a great…gift! ★★★★★ –Amazon Reviewer


This Book is Going to be a Family Tradition

AWESOME. This book is going to be a family tradition. I read it myself first to see if the kids would like it then I read it to them. They made me read it twice and they want me to read it again tonight. Love it. Someday going to be a huge movie just watch. ★★★★★ –Goodreads Reviewer

Book for All Ages

Cute, cute book for all ages…Perfect for reading every Christmas, or any time!     -Goodreads Reviewer

A Wonderful new Christmas Story

Such a wonderful new Christmas story for children. I enjoyed it too and will get one for each of my grandchildren. ★★★★★ -Amazon Reviewer

A Cleverly Written Rhymed Poem

This is a delightful and cleverly written rhymed poem, sprinkled with echoes of ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”…The poem’s references to computer video games will engage even young children while it leads them in a charming way to appreciate books and their own imaginations. ★★★★★ –Amazon Reviewer

Told with an Impish Warmth

This charming story in couplets would be a compelling Newbery contender. The tale, told with an impish warmth, opens in a form briefly reminiscent of Clement Clarke Moore’s beloved story of Santa’s visit; then shifts into the two kids’ own warm world and what they experience through their own imaginations and powers of empathy as they grapple with a stranded elf’s plea for help. ★★★★★
-Amazon Reviewer

A Wonderful Story

Such a wonderful story that compares modern gifts at Christmas time with the imaginations of children… Young children, pre-readers, and yes, even adults will enjoy this illustrated make believe version set to the rhyme of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Jensen’s creativity is cleverly shown throughout the story and of course, her resourcefulness makes for a very happy ending! I’m anxious to read more of the Izzy Elves to see what she comes up with in future stories! ★★★★★ –Amazon Reviewer

Grandkids Loved the Story

My grandkids loved the story and I read it to them multiple times during the Christmas holidays…★★★★★ –Amazon Reviewer

Keeps Kids Interested

 I loved this Christmas book. The illustrations are amazing and colorful. I like the way it is written and it keeps the kids interested. I am definitely going to get the others in the series…If you have kids (or not) you will all enjoy it. ★★★★★           –Goodreads Reviewer

Delightful Holiday Story

Delightful holiday story told in rhyme. Illustrations are colorful and appealing, and verse is rhythmic, a combination sure to speak to children. The text is longer than the traditional Clement Moore tale of The Night Before Christmas, so it is probably best for children six and over. ★★★★ –Goodreads Reviewer

Cute Book

Cute Book. Can’t wait to read it to my students. ★★★★ –Goodreads Reviewer

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