By Deedy • • 21 Aug 2014

Q. Why do you elves look different in the various books?

A. Because the illustrators were different and they each saw us in a different way. Especially the ears. Don’t you all look different in different pictures? We do, too.

Q. It was very a) distressing or b) exciting when two of you elves traveled in Santa’s sleigh and ended up meeting actual children. Do you think that might happen to Bizzy, Fizzy, Whizzy, or Quizzy?

A. Maybe, although we think Santa’s on the lookout more now to prevent anyone 1) being brought on board his sleigh packed inside a present or 2) sneaking on board as a stowaway.

Q. It seems as if the two girl elves weren’t quite as adventuresome, since both Blizzy and Frizzy’s stories happened entirely at the North Pole. Aren’t girl elves as anxious for adventure as the boys?

A. Of course! And we’ll get it, too! But it was an adventure of sorts for Blizzy to sleuth out what happened to Tizzy, (despite all the teasing she took for being a ‘worrywart’) and for Frizzy to find something to do that made her feel very happy (after a couple of false starts). There are all kinds of adventures, you know. Not just the kind that involve a ride in Santa’s sleigh!