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AKA: The S.A.D Elf (Seasonal Affection Distress)

Favorite Job: Beautifying Dolls and A Few Other Things

Notable Features: Frizzy Orange Hair, Brown Eyes

Symbol: Scissors (but subject to change)

Loves: Painting, Decorating, Making Things Pretty (and Interesting)

Dislikes: Dirt, Depression

Favorite Subject in School: Art and Design

Best Friend: Dizzy

Name of My Story: Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf


Frizzy_Title_Kin72 med

What happens in Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf ?

I have always styled the hair of Christmas dollies, but I miss them dreadfully when Santa takes them away on Christmas Eve. (Dizzy tells me I suffer from S.A.D.: Seasonal Affection Distress.) This story tells what happens when I change my job so I don’t get so attached to the toys I work on. I start making something completely different but my plan doesn’t work out exactly as I intended!

Here’s How My Story Begins:

‘Twas the morning of Christmas, and Frizzy felt low.
(She always felt so when she saw her dolls go.)
For cutting and curling their hair were her duties,
She’d worked the whole year just to make them all beauties,
Fashioning finger waves, pigtails, and curls,
Making sure that her dolls would delight little girls.
But she found herself missing them after they left,
And each Christmas Day, she felt downright bereft.
This is one time too many, she said to herself.
I’ll not go through this again—no, not this elf!
I’m going to ask Santa to change what I do
So I can make things that won’t make me boo hoo.
I’ll go to the Elfgym to blow off some steam
And figure out how to achieve my new dream:
To stop grooming dollies and do something new.
But what can I ask for, and what can I do?
She needed to talk with a friend, without doubt
To come up with ideas and to figure it out.


Want to read it?  Here are some links to buy it!

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