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AKA: The Christmas Shelf Elf

Notable Features: Long straight brown hair, cheery brown eyes, mischievous grin, striped scarf with an T for Tizzy

Symbol: Book

Best Friend: Dizzy; Blizzy is his favorite GIRL elf!

Name of My Story: Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf

What Happens in My Story:

I am packed inside a present by mistake and delivered to the home of Owen and Alex. They sneak downstairs early on Christmas morning and find me there. They try to help me get back to the North Pole through the power of their imaginations.

How Does My Story Begin?

’Twas the morning of Christmas and way before dawn
When Owen and Alex slipped slipper socks on.
They opened their door to the hall with a creak
And sharing a “shhhh”, downstairs started to sneak.
For both children knew, as they tiptoed along,
That what they were doing was really quite wrong.
Their mother and father most clearly had said
That Alex and Owen must both stay in bed
Until the sun finally started to rise
And parents were ready to open their eyes.
But nevertheless, both went on through the gloom,
Flash lighting their way to the dark living room.
Owen turned on the tree and its glistening glow
Gave the luster of starlight to objects below,
And the stockings they’d hung by the chimney with care
Looked lumpy, which proved that St. Nick had been there.
‘Neath the tree was a pile clearly labeled for each
But those weren’t the gifts those boys wanted to reach:
For near to the fireplace, right next to the wall
Stood a Christmas-wrapped box that was biggest of all.
They spoke not a word, for no word did they need,
They knew in a twinkling they fully agreed.
For no thought of sugarplums danced in their heads.
(It wasn’t for that they had crept from their beds.)
No, Owen and Alex’s wish was the same:
That this monster box held great video games:
New games so stupendous, tremendous, and keen,
They could spend their whole lives at the video screen.
And that box was so tall (not to mention so wide)
Entertainment galore could be waiting inside,
With all the best graphics, with whistle and bell,
But while it stayed wrapped, how could anyone tell?


  Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf

Here are the links to buy my story:

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